annual lightning strike events.


in-house world-class product advisors.


of NPS at our ‘22 founder retreat.

We carefully curate our community, content and capabilities to help our portfolio develop peer relationships, get PMF-ready and prepare for Series A.

Peer to peer connections.

The founder's journey can be challenging. That’s why we connect founders, product leaders, and domain experts across our portfolio to share learnings, lessons and life hacks. We match founders to provide peership and problem solving through our slack group and coaching circles.

A European-wide product community.

Building opinionated products is about mindset as much as skillset. We create the space for the product community across our portfolio to come together regularly to collaborate across everything from UX to CX, PMF to category design, and hiring talent to acquiring users.

World-class product advisors.

Our handpicked squad of product advisors live, eat and breathe product. Between them, they’ve built some of the most successful product companies in Europe such as Monzo, Deliveroo, Skyscanner and Farfetch. They give back with their insights from the front line through portfolio events or one to one engagements.

Dave Thomson

Lindsey Jane

Alex Manthei

Laura Mahy

Flora Devlin

Founder face time.

We know time is the most precious commodity a founder has. That’s why we focus on two annual lightning strike events that deliver maximum return on time spent. Our Founder Retreat brings together the leaders of our portfolio companies to connect, reflect, and recharge. Our Product Summit features product operators, experts and founders discussing and debating diverse topics from customer testing to product culture.

Resourceful content.

Our Notion resource hub is full of step-by-step guides and strategic content on plenty of topics from getting PMF-ready and driving product-led growth, to efficient hiring and effective fundraising.

Opinionated product people.

We’re thoroughly invested in making Europe one of the best places in the world to start a venture-scale product-led company. That’s why we're building Opinionated Product People (OPP) - a community designed to help future product founders build venture-ready products, design venture-scale companies, and raise venture capital. Get in touch if you’d like to join OPP.